Take Control of Dropbox

By Joe Kissel

Review By: Chris Van Cleve

Whether you're among the millions making use of Dropbox everyday, brand new to the idea, or have never heard of Dropbox before (what rock are you living under?), Joe Kissell guides you through setting up your account to mastering it's many powerful features and even some unusual, yet intriguing uses for the service. As with all books in the Take Control series, it caters to users of every skill level and provides a logical progression through the use of the service.

Joe explains best practices for security and efficiency when using Dropbox solo or with a team/group, he identifies common pitfalls and shows how to avoid them including irreversible settings, and he goes in depth in using Dropbox across the many platforms on which it is available, from desktop to web to mobile devices. Some time is spent covering some of the more prevalent and useful apps that integrate Dropbox support.

At a price of $10, buying the book is a no-brainer. If you're a Dropbox pro, grab it to learn cool new things you can do with the service and if you're a Dropbox novice, this book will tell you why the service is so popular and what you can do with it, making it as easy to use as possible. I highly recommend it for all users.