Take Control of OS X Backups (3.0.1)

By Joe Kissel

Review By: Ray Bowler

Here is another winner in books for computer users. With clarity and detail about backing up your computer Joe Kissel takes us through a detailed look at backing up our computers. Most of us have questions when we think about backing up our computers. The questions range from a simple question of why we should backup to the most sophisticated hardware and software issues. Then if you are running Leopard you add the question of what to do with “Time Machine”.

Joe Kissel  addresses the “Why” with a link to a comical commercial video by an internet backup site then to a short statement ending with a   simple statement which many of us can agree with: If you haven’t lost data from your computer you are living on borrowed computer time.

Then he examines our  basic questions. What should my strategy be? What is the difference between  copying, cloning and archiving? What hardware is available to hold my backup? What about Time Machine in Leopard? What about software? What about online storage sites on the Internet? He has a link to his web site which compares the features of various software programs. He  includes a section about configuring Time Machine.

This is an excellent book covering what the ordinary user needs to know about backing up their computer. I would recommend this book  for anyone who is at all concerned with their computer’s data.