By Glenn Fleishman

Review By: Ray Bowler

Here is a book for anybody from the first time user of an Apple wireless network  to the expert. It is more expensive than most Take Control books but well worth the price. The first time user can use it to set up a new network  and the expert can find some very technically useful information including trouble shooting. If you have a question about wi-Fi and your Mac just check out this book.

First  the basics: setting up your airport, configuring the network, the different types of airports and how they differ. It includes what it means when the wireless icon in the menu bar has a dot in it - (the Eye of Sauron for you Lord of the Rings fans) and how to use it for diagnostics. I didn’t realize what you could get from this. A frequent question on mailing lists is how to get more range for the airport and this book explains the details. It also explains some diagnostics and how to monitor the base station for problems. Well worth the effort of downloading and reading.